Shopping Centres – Global’s video surveillance solutions have been widely used in retail applications, from the local suburb Shopping Village, to your favourite Hometown collection of shops, up to the vast malls and eateries of Regional Shopping Centres.

Systems are tailored to the specific centres requirements, including tenant shop protection from vandalism, robbery and break-in’s,… supermarket exit and food hall slip n’ falls,… high detail loading dock surveillance,… staff car park protection,… bin area fire detection,… and various management aids.

Systems can be configured for onsite security office viewing, guard patrol viewing and remote access via internet, including mobile devices.


Correctional and Detention Facilities – Global CCTV has had extensive experience in high security government and commercial applications.  Our in-depth knowledge has enabled us to provide first line perimeter surveillance, internal corridor and in-cell monitoring for correctional and detention facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The same level of expertise has enabled us to provide systems for high security commercial applications such as Gold Refineries and Reserve Banks, in Australia and Singapore.


High Rise – Monitoring of ‘common areas’ such lift lobbies, entry/exits, stairways and the lifts themselves, are a common requirement for our CCTV Systems within High-Rise Offices and Apartments.

Car park entry/exits surveillance are another common need and with our Megapixel HD systems we can even cover large areas of the car parks themselves,… economically and with good usable results.

Systems are generally accessed remotely via secure VPN or password and IP filtered Internet connection. Selected camera access can even be provided to tenants, if required.


Hotels and Resorts – Applications such as these, call for requirements ranging from keeping an eye on patrons throughout common areas, within bars, providing an overview of Pool and Gym areas and monitoring at entry/exits,… all helping to keep guests and staff safe, along with protecting property.  Global CCTV systems have also been utilised in these applications to keep a back-up visual register of guest, assist with disputes and to give piece of mind that staff are behaving in an honest and professional manor.  Additionally management find our CCTV systems useful for assisting with shift staffing levels and staff training.

Understanding all the requirements, selecting the appropriate equipment for each specific task and choosing the ideal camera location, is what Global CCTV excels at,… which ensures that good usable results are achieved.


Local Government - Facilities and Street – With decades of experience in designing, suppling, installing and maintaining CCTV Systems for Local Government, Global CCTV knows how to truly meet expectations. Systems are designed and equipment is selected, to not only cover immediate objectives, but to also be cost effective to maintain and operate years longer than the industry standard,… saving $$$ now and into the future.

Apart from securing Council buildings, systems are tailored for Skate Parks, Public Park facilities, Playgrounds, Mall Areas and busy Street Intersections. Systems can be stand alone, with direct access or local WiFi,… or can be VPN/Internet/Mesh-Wireless linked to central council monitoring. Cameras can even be all self contained with local camera recording and WiFi accessible,… for easy cost effective pole mounting.


Mining and Aid to Production – The typical harsh environments of mining operations, production plants and refineries, call for equipment that can still provide years of reliable day/night operation under adverse conditions. Global CCTV range of Harsh Environment (HE) equipment is ideally suited for the task. From long life Stainless Steel Camera Housings and Pan/Tilt units, to intrinsically safe and explosion proof versions. There are even sealed HE recording DVR/NVR units that can operate in hot and dusty environments.

Our HE range utilises the latest technologies, including megapixel HD and Flame Detection Cameras, as well thermal imaging combinations,… providing great usable results, you can rely upon.


Theme Parks – With the likes of Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, Global CCTV has been able to design and supply distributed CCTV systems that are cost effective to install and achieve great results. These distributed systems are typically monitored in a number of locations around the complex, including Central Security where multi-monitor control stations can display groups of operator selected cameras from anywhere on the complex.

As these are systems that typically grow over the years, Global CCTV selects equipment that can expand seamlessly, utilising new technologies as they become available, while ensuring backward compatibility to the existing site equipment. This save tens of thousands of $$$, with not having to start from scratch with a totally new system to utilise new technology cameras, like the current megapixel HD-SDi and HD-IP, as they can seamlessly operate along side existing analogue, enabling for a cost effective upgrade path over time.