Global CCTV is able to provide a complete range of services for your video surveillance needs;


Site Inspection and System Design – One of our highly experience consultants will discuss what your objectives are, spend time analysing your site and how best to meet those objectives.

We will design a system selecting equipment suitable for your particular application and needs,… keeping in mind how to minimise ongoing costs and obtain the maximum reliable life out of the system. And as with all the systems we offer, there are options available to either add functionality or fit a budget.


System Installation and Operator Training – Fully qualified and licensed technicians will take the time to ensure your system is installed and set up correctly the first time. Providing optimum camera views and picture clarity. Motion Detection Recording will be customised for each camera view, ensuring critical action is not missed and time wasting blank footage is kept to a minimum.

A handy commissioning report is provided, including camera view snapshots, system voltages and signal status. All backup configuration files and system manuals are supplied.

System operation will be carefully stepped through, including explaining short cut features,… And there is always phone assistance available if you need a reminder.


Maintenance and Servicing – Valuable system maintenance is available, either scheduled regularly to suit the specific site or ad-hoc. The level of servicing can be tailored to suit the environmental conditions, the type of equipment and the budget.

Detailed service reports are provided, including post service camera view snapshots, and any potential problems are highlighted, so they can be attended to before they result in lost footage or an expensive repair.

Experience has shown us that when system servicing is Done Correctly and regularly, it not only ensures that usable results are maintained and critical footage is not missed, it also extends the life of system components,… protecting your valuable investment.


Footage Download Service – For all those unmanned sites, we offer a service where we attend site and download footage of reported incidents and provide to your Office, Insurance Company, Tenants, Customers and Police, as directed. This is a priority service for prompt action, saving you time messing around yourselves and ensuring the chain of evidence is correctly maintained for authorities.


Backup Support – Apart from the product manuals, firmware updates and software downloads found on this website, our highly experienced technicians are on-hand to quickly provide you with the answers you need or available for onsite setup assistance and problem solving.